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Frequently asked questions

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  • S.T.E.M. is an acronym for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. S.T.E.M. education has become a global trend as we live in a rapidly changing world of technology. Modern technology is everywhere in our daily lives. Thus, developing skills to work with and even create new technology is more critical than ever.
  • S.T.E.A.M. is the same as S.T.E.M. but includes an Arts component to help develop a well-rounded learner.
  • STEMA Learning Centre is based upon the concept of S.T.E.A.M. education. Our goal is to develop a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.
What do students learn at STEMA?

STEMA Learning Centre offers a variety of courses such as:

  • Robotics: Students will work with robotics sets to assemble and code robots to perform certain tasks. We have different robot sets for different age groups.
  • Coding: Students will be introduced to basic coding concepts with block-based programming languages. They will be able to code their own animations and games. Then, students will move to higher-level text-based codes such as python and other programming languages.
  • Engineering: Students will learn to build various structures using different materials.
  • Technology literacy: We teach kids to use various popular computer software and mobile apps.
  • Digital Arts: Students will learn 3D design and modelling. Artifacts will be printed out using 3D printers. Also, students will learn how to make movies and edit videos.
  • Math, Science and other Academic Subjects: we offer an academic enrichment program to help students advance in their learning at school.
Why do kids need to learn STEAM so early?

It is never too early for kids to encounter technology. At STEMA, we have a variety of hands-on practices for young learners to gain various skills such as critical thinking, logical thinking, problem-solving, and communication. It is much more beneficial for students to learn meaningful skills and knowledge rather than just watching TV/videos and playing games.

What is STEMA's operation hours?

Please check with the specific location for the operation hours

What types of camps do you offer?

STEMA offers spring, summer and winter camps. There are half day or full day options. You can find our more detail on the specific location site:

How much does it cost?

Our program starts at $189 per month plus GST. This includes a 1-hour session per week. For 2 sessions per week, the fee is $289 plus GST. Special offers might be available at certain locations. Please select your location here to see the offers:
If you have any questions, please give us a call at 604.283.6788

What age group is the target audience for your programs?

Our programs are designed for kids aged 5-15.

How do I register my kids?
Where is your learning center located?

Here are our addresses:

Surrey City Centre:  Unit 215, 10070 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC, Canada V3T2W4

Vancouver East: 1025 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5V3C7

What is your refund policy?

For information about our refund policy, please refer to our Terms and Conditions

What are the payment options available?

There are various options to make payment: credit cards, interact e-transfer and cheque

How can parents track their kids' learning progress?

We will regularly report kids' progress with parents. Parents can also track their kids' learning progress using our Learning Management portal.

How can I manage my subscription?

For subscription management, including cancellation, this can be done directly under your account. If you need help, please contact our friendly customer service team at 6042836788

Do you offer any discounts?

For information about discounts, please contact our friendly customer service team at 6042836788
We have discounts for family members or longterm payment discount

Can kids work in teams or independently in your programs?

Yes, our programs are designed to develop students' capability to work effectively in a team or independently. There are options of learning in batches or coming in anytime that works for both you and your kid (independent/guided learning)

I am not sure if my kid(s) will like it

Yes, kids love our program. At STEMA, kids can have fun while gaining meaningful knowledge through our interdisciplinary programs. We implement gamification concepts in many of our courses, kids will learn at the same time get entertained.

What is your camp opening hour?

Halfday camp: Morning 9 am to 12 pm; Afternoon 1 pm to 4 pm

Full day camp: 9 am to 4 pm.

What can kids create through coding in your programs?

Kids can make their own codes to create cartoons, games, design virtual environments, program robots, and work on many science projects.

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