STEMA Surrey

Address: 215-10070 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC V3T2W4

Phone: 604.283.6788 ext 100

Email: [email protected]

STEMA Learning Center offers after-school and summer programs on coding, robotics, tech literacy, engineering, and digital arts for kids ages 5-16. STEAM/STEM is a new global education trend focused on teaching children science, technology, engineering, art and math. With the rapidly evolving world of technology, it is critical to provide our children with the relevant skills and knowledge to succeed in the future.

STEMA Learning Centre
STEMA Learning Centre

What kids will learn

  • ROBOTICS: Build & code robots to perform tasks. Learn troubleshooting along the way
  • CODING: Turn ideas into action by creating stories, games & other interactive programs
  • 3D DESIGN & PRINTING: Learn about 3D modeling, be familiar with 3D design software and tools
  • MOVIE PRODUCTION: Understand filmmaking techniques. Create & capture movements for animated movies
  • ENGINEERING: Design, create and build structures with constraints. Use math & science to solve problems as they arrive
  • COMPUTER LITERACY: Learn how to use technology effectively. Explore the concept of internet security & online privacy

Soft skills developed​

  • Logical and critical thinking skills: from arranging plots to create stories and making their own games
  • Communication skill: through presentation and activities that allow kids to voice their opinions and make arguments
  • Computer literacy: from working with computers, tablets, applications, etc
  • Collaboration/teamwork: through working with other kids to complete certain tasks and projects.
STEMA Learning Centre
STEMA Learning Centre

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