Benefits of Coding and Robotics Classes & Summer Camps

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In today’s world, you can’t give kids too big of an advantage to succeed. Often times, schools may not provide all of the support that children need to learn more about science, math, and technology. This is why it is important for parents to look in to alternative education programs that provide additional focus on STEM. Often, it is easy to find after-school programs or even STEM themed summer camps to help further a child’s education.

Studies have shown that children who attend extracurricular STEM themed classes and programs are more likely to excel in those subjects. This, in turn, opens up a wide array of college and career opportunities for them after public school. What’s more, the camps are designed to be as much fun for the kids as they are educational.

Here are a few examples of how attending STEM classes can help with a child’s educational development:

1. Learn New Skills

Although they focus on science, technology, engineering and math, STEM classes can help children develop problem solving skills, critical thinking, discipline and focus. Children who attend STEM programs learn far more than just the basic concepts and applications, it is about furthering their education as a whole and helping them excel in other areas of education.

2. Prepare for the Future

Having your child enrolled in a structured STEM summer camp can help acclimate them to new regiments, which helps them prepare for the future. They can gain invaluable experience by partaking in extra-curricular classes that will help them prepared for entering college and a career.

3. Inspiration and Exploration

Children participating in STEM classes and camps may find new areas of study that they didn’t even know about, or find a renewed interest in something they had learn before. It opens their eyes to whole entirely new fields of and inspires a lifetime of discovery.

4. Build Confidence & Leadership Skills

Children (especially those gifted or with learning disabilities) can find it difficult to relate to peers their age. By allowing them to work in a collaborative environment with children who share the same interests, STEM camps can help these children build self-esteem and strong social skills that will benefit them well beyond their school years.

Author: Stephen Roome, ON

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