Why is it important to learn STEAM at an early age?

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What is STEAM Education?

STEAM education is an interdisciplinary teaching concept consisting of traditional STEM subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEAM is a newer version of STEM with an “A” component, which stands for liberal arts, language arts, social studies, physical arts, fine arts, and music. STEAM Education emphasizes practice-based learning rather than traditional, theoretical education. It helps students to develop creative thinking and stimulate their imagination and creativity through various subjects.

STEAM lessons contain multidisciplinary projects requiring students to work in either group or individually to apply their acquired knowledge. Instead of learning the five separate subjects, STEAM combine them into a cohesive learning model. STEAM education promotes a new learning style for students. It puts young students in the role of an inventor that requires them to deeply understand the concepts and be able to apply them in real-life situations.

There are numerous benefits of STEAM education:

  1. Develop creative thinking: Students’ creativity is stimulated by STEAM Education, helping them to come up with innovative ideas and projects.
  2. Problem-solving skills: STEAM education teaches students how to solve problems using critical thinking skills. With STEAM education, students will learn how to analyze problems and plan to solve them.
  3. Enhance endurability and Encourage experimentation: With STEAM activities, students learn in an environment where they are free to fail and then try again. Students can learn from their failures and make improvements. Moreover, they will recognize that failure is an inevitable part of the learning and inventing process. This helps to boost students’ confidence. Without a little risky experiment, many of the great technological advances of the past decades would not have happened. When proposed, most of these inventions are considered imaginary, but the great people behind the work were brave enough to give them a try.
  4. Encourage teamwork: The STEM education approach can be applied to students of all levels. Students with different backgrounds can still work in the same team to solve problems, record data, write reports, give presentations, and more. As a result, students are able to cooperate with each other and develop together in an environment that requires a high level of teamwork.
  5. Encourage the application of knowledge: In STEAM education, students are taught skills that can be applied in real life. This motivates them to learn, as they know these skills can be used immediately to make their lives and their families better. Applying knowledge to practical situations will be an effective skill for them in the future working environment.
  6. Encourage the use of technology: STEM education teaches children the power of technology and inventions. Therefore, when children are exposed to new technology, they will be ready to embrace it instead of hesitant or afraid. This will give them a significant advantage in a global environment that is becoming increasingly technological.
  7. Highly entertaining: Learning with robots is a fun way to learn. Students also learn computer programming languages to make their animation, interactive stories and games.
  8. Competition: Students experience success as well as failure through robot competitions. This can be an excellent experience for the students

It’s never too early to start learning STEAM
You may be concerned that it is too early for your child to start learning about STEAM. The truth is, as the latest research shows, children have a strong interest in STEAM learning at an early age. Researchers and educators believe that STEM/STEAM education can help develop children’s soft and hard skills early. Our STEAM courses are designed so students as early as five years old can learn. Thus, introducing STEAM to students early is a good idea to take full advantage of. Therefore, learning STEAM subjects is never too early (nor too late).

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